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If anyone ever tells you a fiddle player can’t be a rock star, point them to Erin Slaver, who blew the room away as she tackled The Who classic and her own songs, breaking things down in epic style.
— The Indy Review
Erin Slaver [is] a golden nugget of a fiddle player and an amazing vocalist
I was enchanted with Erin Slaver’s vocals and especially love them with the airy melodies of this song.
Throughout the night violinist Erin Slaver captivated the crowd with soulful harmonies and intricate solos
The highlight was seeing Erin Slaver get a couple nice violin solos
— Josh Terzino, Music-Defined.com
Each song “was supported by superb playing and harmonies from the band, with Erin Slaver a stand out star on violin/fiddle.
Slaver’s fiddle work is also above and beyond, as she brings a quality not heard in many years, reminiscent of Charlie Daniels.